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Option Explicit

'How many times per second is the counter updated?
Private Declare Function QueryFrequency Lib "kernel32" _
        Alias "QueryPerformanceFrequency" ( _
        lpFrequency As Currency) As Long

'What is the counter's value
Private Declare Function QueryCounter Lib "kernel32" _
        Alias "QueryPerformanceCounter" ( _
        lpPerformanceCount As Currency) As Long

'Variables to store the counter information
Dim mcyFrequency As Currency
Dim mcyOverhead As Currency
Dim mcyStarted As Currency
Dim mcyStopped As Currency

Private Sub Class_Initialize()
   Dim cyCount1 As Currency, cyCount2 As Currency

   'Get the counter frequency
   QueryFrequency mcyFrequency

   'Call the hi-res counter twice, to check how long it takes
   QueryCounter cyCount1
   QueryCounter cyCount2
   'Store the call overhead
   mcyOverhead = cyCount2 - cyCount1
End Sub

Public Sub StartTimer()
   'Get the time that you started
   QueryCounter mcyStarted
End Sub

Public Sub StopTimer()
   'Get the time that you stopped
   QueryCounter mcyStopped
End Sub

Public Property Get Elapsed() As Double
   Dim cyTimer As Currency

   'Have you stopped or not?
   If mcyStopped = 0 Then
      QueryCounter cyTimer
      cyTimer = mcyStopped
   End If

   'If you have a frequency, return the duration, in seconds
   If mcyFrequency > 0 Then
      Elapsed = (cyTimer - mcyStarted - mcyOverhead) / mcyFrequency
   End If
End Property

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